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Information Technology

Network, IT Infrastructure and Software & Cyber Services

SWCE is a provider of reliable IT Services for business. We use our extensive knowledge of advanced IT technologies to evaluate and recommend solutions that make sense for our clients’ IT infrastructure and business needs. By doing this, SWCE allows our clients to leverage their existing IT infrastructure and plan for future trends in technology with cyber and IT security in mind.

Structured Cabling Communication: We provide data, voice, video transmission and outdoor/underground/aerial cabling services to Private and Government Sectors in the whole Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Fiber Optic Solutions: We offer and recommend the best fiber optic solutions with indoor/outdoor, single mode, multi mode fiber optic cables, patch panels, connectors, and patch cords in different types of brands.

LAN/WAN Solution Business Computing: We provide a comprehensive range of LAN, WAN and security systems, all based on equipment from leading manufacturers. We can supply routers, switches, Gigabit Ethernet, converged data and voice systems, network security, secure wireless, cabling and all other mission-critical LAN and WAN components. Our LAN and WAN services include the following: (a) Network Project Management and Design. (b) Installations (c) Maintenance.

Wireless LAN/WAN Solution: Wireless LANs are increasingly being used to provide flexible network connectivity. WLAN solutions are typically deployed internally, usually within an office or factory environment, although they can be installed externally to provide short-range connectivity to mobile users. SWCE offers the most flexible, multi-standard, easy-to-install wireless, Ethernet, home phone line networking and wireless networking solutions available for large and small businesses.

On 2012, we have established a Software as a Service and a Cyber security as a Service division to better serve our clients in the Internet, Software & Cyber security space, and for that we’ve allocated a dedicated team for it with offices in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. It’s called Seven Hills Automation & IT (SHAAIT). They have their own website and it can be accessed here.